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Olympic Games – history and modernity

The sensational theme of the beginning of 2022 is the Winter competition of athlets, especially this year in China. It’s no secret that almost all people around the world watch this broadcast on their screens. First, let’s find out what it is? Now more than ever, people are devoting themselves to sports, because it is not only healthy, but also fashionable. At any time of the epoch, people demand entertainment. This is the reason why the Olympic Games got started.

These are away world competitions among countries of the world, which are a complex tournament and a purely sports holiday.
Official mention of them dates back to 776 BC. In crusted Greece, where people held these games for four years in a row, trying to please the god Zeus. Later they disappeared and resumed already in our era in 1896.

Debut of the contemporary Olimpics

Allegedly from historical sources, the modern world match were opened in 1896, since then this tourney have been held four years old, but the fact is that they were stopped during the Second World War. The organizer of the beginning of the games was the historian Pierre de Coubertin.

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He dreamed of creating an international association of educators, politicians, sports figures – everyone who could help him resurrect the history of the sports Olympic Games. We must pay tribute to Coubertin, it was decided to hold its revival in Athens in April 1896. True, a small number of people participated, about 280 athletes from 14 countries.

What do symbols and traditions mean?

Almost every inhabitant of the planet Earth knows that these are five fastened circles, symbolizing the unification of the five continents of the world. This sign means that sport unites and brings the whole world together, inviting all peoples. For the sake of this holiday, wars were even forbidden so as not to anger the Olympic gods.

Among the traditional rite is the lighting of the Olympic flame at the opening solemnity.
The fire was lit from the sun’s rays in Olympia and delivered by the relay of athletes to the host city of the games – today it is China. After that, one of the outstanding athletes of the country in which the Olympics takes place takes the oath on behalf of all athletes.

Olympic Games in China today

We all know that China will conduct the 24th Winter Olympic Games on February 4th. Beijing, the capital of China, became the first city in history to host the Summer and Winter Games. Athletes are recruited both at new facilities and at previously built arenas. Buildings after the Olympics will be rented to tourists.

The mascot of today’s games in China is a giant panda named Bin Dongdong. Translated from Chinese, “bing” means ice, purity and strength, and “dundun” means healthy, strong and cheerful. The mascot Bing Dondong conquered not only China, but the whole world with its appearance. He is dressed in an ice suit with a heart of gold, which is characteristic of China and loves all winter sports. It is not surprising that the panda has become a mascot, because it is she who is the national symbol of China. Don’t you think that China is the most creative country in this topic?

What rind of sports are provided at the Chinese Winter Olympics?

The program is not entirely clear. Some sports are removed from the lists, others, on the contrary, are added. To date, seven new disciplines have been added to the 2022 Winter program:

  • mixed short relay
  • mixed team tournaments in ski acrobatics
  • ski jumping and snowboard cross
  • men’s and women’s freestyle big air, as well as competitions of girls in monobobs.

In addition to new sports, remained the same:

  • bobsleigh
  • biathlon
  • skiing
  • curly
  • skating
  • Nordic combined
  • cross-country skiing
  • luge
  • snowboarding
  • figure skating
  • Ice hockey

Top 5 popular sports that are provided in competitions

Admit it, each of you hears at least one of the above sports for the first time. But, despite this, there are also centenarians who have not disappeared from the lists of the Olympiad for many years. This:

  1. figure skating – I’m afraid it’s hard to imagine a world-class Winter Olympics without it;
  2. speed skating is another fan favorite;
  3. alpine skiing is an actual sport not only at the winter Games, but also a popular type of outdoor activity;
  4. biathlon – combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting;
  5. hockey.

Top 3 popular sports in summer competitions

  1. Football. For those who didn’t know, football is the most popular sport in the world. As a rule, only young teams have the opportunity to play in this tournament, because many professional football players are not allowed into the squad. And yet football matches gather a lot of excitement. By the way, this sport is the most beloved in China.
  2. Athletics is an integral part of the Olympic Games. Various types of disciplines still attract a huge number of fans to this day.
  3. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Basketball regular takes pride of place in this competitions.

As we can see, the world does not stand still and every time new improved sports appear. No one guarantees that the most popular sports in the world will remain unshakable in their ratings.

Should I watch the 2022 Olympics?

Definitely yes. At least for the reason that the games in Beijing coincide in time with the Chinese New Year – the main holiday in the country. These days, colorful fireworks are launched and traditional processions with huge dragons and lions are held. One of the brightest and most unforgettable New Year’s spectacles in Beijing is the Lantern Festival.
And watching these competitions will not leave you indifferent, because now everything is made into a show. The Olympic Games are a world spectacle, and admit to yourself that you will not refuse such viewing either.